Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009 St. Ignace to Davison, MI

The last leg of our latest journey was today! It was a bittersweet trip. As we traveled, I was called by all of the kids and grandchildren. That made it a beautiful day! As we left St. Ignace and started onto the Mackinaw Bridge, we saw that the middle of the bridge was actually in the clouds. When we got to the top, Lake Huron was to our left and Lake Michigan was to our right. As you can see, we saw very little of either. That shot shows blue sky, gray mist and white clouds on the water. As soon as we got off of the bridge the mist cleared and we could see for long, sunny, treed miles. The mist and low clouds were only over the water. We immediately got into the hills and trees that we have grown to love in Michigan and, although we really enjoyed the treeless, flat prairies, we are glad to be back for a recharge. We got set up in Smoke Rise Campground, our Outdoor Adventures home park and one of our daughters, Richelle, and her family came over. A perfect ending to a really great day!

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