Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009 Green Bay, WI Bay Beach Wildlife Rehab Refuge

What a full day we had! We started by having breakfast in De Pere, at the Nicolet Restaurant. This is located in an old train station. The home made raisin toast with breakfast was worth the trip by itself. Then we went to Green Bay. Here we found the Bay Beach Wildlife Rehab Refuge. They advertise that sick or injured animals may be dropped off here, hence the "rehab" portion of the park name. We have been seeing baby wildlife since the baby Bisons in South Dakota. The geese let us know today that they didn't want to be left out of our blog. The Cottonwoods are spewing their lint all over the area and here, in the park, it looked like snow - both while falling and when piled up along the paths and on the ground. Then there were the little critters saying "We really 'Otter' go swimming, don't you think?" You probably thought that it was easy being a Puma but you just don't know what this guy goes through when trying to take a nap - the incessant chatter of children, the conniving adults trying to make it pose, not easy! This is the closest we have ever seen a coyote. We have seen them in the wild but at a distance. This feller is in the middle of shedding his winter coat and sure look scroungy. We were looking for the bay and found this great little county park. Beautiful but the water is also covered with the cottonwood debris. The last shot is just Serenity! No other words needed to describe it. Tomorrow we move to a city park on Lake Michigan in Gladstone, MI. We ended the day at a jewel of a restaurant we found in the middle of dairy and farm country. D&G Restaurant in Greenleaf, WI, a small agricultural town away from the other tourists, was full of locals at about 5:00PM. All was home made, delicious and very reasonably priced. We will return the next time we are in this area.

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