Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009 Welcome, MN - EDITED

We are now in the Checker's Campground, a PA park, in the town with the unlikely name of Welcome, MN. After we set up we, of course, took naps and are just waking up. Now we have to figure out what and/or where we will have supper. We will check out the area tomorrow and Sunday will travel to Prior Lake, MN, near the Twin Cities. Either later on this evening or in the morning, we will be taking in the Jolly Green Giant statue and the Gigantic German statue, two "must see" tourist stops around here. Maybe we will now go into Welcome and see if the café lives up to the town's name. The excitement of the anticipation of seeing those statues has me all tired out, again. Maybe another nap before supper!
We awoke and asked at the campground where a good place to eat in this town of 741 was and were directed to a bar and grill on the south side of the small town. We were also told that we had to see the fountain built for both people and horses. After some great burgers, we found the fountain - sure enough. It was made in 1914 so that humans could drink from one side and horses from the other. This is a stop that reminds us of why we try to get off of the interstates so that we can see so much more of our great, free country!

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