Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Added day in Bandera!

We were planning on leaving today for Brackettville, TX but a package of Diabetes test strips did not arrive here yesterday as promised. We will give it another day and, if still no package, we will have to go to Plan B. (First we will have to figure out what Plan B will be, though) Right now it is sunny and 31 degrees. Dropped to 24 last night and yesterday we had snow flurries. Snow is so unusual for this part of Texas that, when we went to a Walgreens, employees were going outside just to see the snowflakes. It is supposed to be sunny and slowly warming up for this entire region for the next few days. Brackettville is along US-90, west of San Antonio. It is the site of Fort Carson. This fort was first commissioned as a Cavalry Fort in the 1800s and was used to organize troops during our war with Mexico. During early WWII days, then Lt. George Patton was stationed there and he supervised the construction of a giagantic spring fed pool. It still is there. The fort is privately owned and is now a resort that also includes an RV park. The pool is spring fed and is the third largest pool in Texas. The water is a year round 68 degrees - great for the 100 plus degree summer days but I will have to think twice before taking a dip when we get there. Deer and wild turkeys supposedly wander the resort at will in large numbers. Across the highway from the fort/resort is the former movie set for John Wayne's movie The Alamo and many other western movies. It was open to the public until last year when the owner died. Too bad! :( The Alamo set was supposedly to scale from the real deal. Today, while awaiting the package, we will probably take care of some housekeeping chores around here and maybe grab some BBQ and go look for wildlife in the hills. Hope to move tomorrow!

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