Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Llano and Luckenbach,TX

Another sunny day with temperatures around 60. Seemed like a good idea to go touring around Hill Country again, so we did! Went through historic Fredericksburg and saw some of the old buildings, some of which were constructed in the 1800s. Then on to Llana where we found what is now my favorite BBQ joint, Coopers Old Time Open Pit Bar BQ. Just outside the door are giant holding cookers. The meat had been cooked in pits over mesquite for hours and brought here. We picked out our meats, I took the pork ribs and Carol took the Big Chop. The chop looked like a small roast and he cut 4 ribs off a slab for me and, when all was said and done, I only was able to eat 3. He dipped the meat in their BBQ sauce and I took it in and got beans, more sauce and slaw. We took the food and headed east from town looking for a lunch spot. We found it about 8 miles east where there is an eagles nest not far off the road. We counted three heads sticking out over the top. Once in a while, one would flex its wings. Great spot to try our new "Q." This may be the best barbecue ribs I have had. It is now in my number 1 spot of BBQ joints. It is worth traveling to Texas just to eat their BBQ. They ship so we will definitely order from them in the future. From there we went to Luckenbach looking for Waylen, Willie and The Boys. Of course they were not there at this time so we just absorbed some of the atmosphere of the place. Luckenbach says Population 3 so there were about 10 times the population here today. There is a dance hall, a Post Office/General Store/Beer Garden combo, a house and a large picnic area on a stream. Talked to the UPS lady in Grand Blanc and she said she was there one July 4 and Willie Nelson was there and the place was mobbed. The song, Luckenbach Texas, keeps running through my head so guess I'll have to get Waylen's version to play as we travel. This made a really great ending to a fantastic day! I really don't have time to complain when I count my blessings!

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