Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're now in Bandera, TX

This morning we broke camp in Edinburg and moved to Bandera. It rained from before we got up this morning until just after I finished setting up at the campground in Bandera. Carol has always liked taking drives in the rain and today she got her wish. We took about 5 hours for the trip and I don't rememer it ever letting up. We saw some new kinds (to us) of birds today. Also some floppy eared Sainte Gertrude cattle. Also saw a white animal on one of the ranches with the high fences along the road that we are not sure what it was. Probably one of those exotics that people go to the ranches to hunt. The rain was heavy and air was steamy so we did not get any pix of that animal. Suppposed to be sunny for the next few days so we will get around the countryside and see what we can discover. We are also planning on going to The Alamo, Riverwalk and some of the old missions around San Antonio. We are scheduled to be here for two weeks, give or take. Then it is westward to Arizona, through New Mexico.

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