Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Antonio Greyhound Show and Tail

Sunshine has been acting fussy lately, whining a lot and at odd times. Today we attended a Show and Tail at a Petsmart and sponsored by the San Antonio chapter of Heart of Texas (HOT) Greyhound Adoption Group. This is what our group, Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan (GEM) calls a Meet and Greet. She fussed right up to the front door and, as soon as she saw about a half dozen other Greyhounds, immediately went to them. They all did their sniff of each other to introduce themselves and from that time on, Sunny was a really layed back hound. Children and adults have trouble keeping their hands off Sunny. Everyone wants to pat and love her. These sessions are letting a lot of people learn about Greyhounds and adoption that may have never heard or thought of it before. We stayed for an hour or so and she never whined once on the way home. She either slept on the back seat or looked out the window. Seems like Greys calm each other as much as they do humans. We haven't seen her so happy in a while. Saw some more exotics on the way home. Don't know what these are but they sure have nice racks on them!

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