Sunday, February 7, 2010

Texas is expensive!!!

We did it! The 2005 Ford King Ranch diesel is now ours! We signed for it yesterday and brought it home with us. Since we got it on Saturday, we take it tomorrow, Monday, for some finalwork - slider hitch and minor fix-ups. We came here to recon the area as a possible place to return to next winter and are leaving with a new truck - WOW! Guess it is time to turn in my app to Walmart to see if they have any part-time greeter jobs open. We will now be safer and more comfortable in our travels. We met Pete and Karen for dinner and then back to our rig to watch the Super Bowl. Sunny showed them who the boss really is around here, now - gotta work on that as soon as things settle down. Retired racers love to sleep and loll around and, since her third week with us, she has been traveling and touristing with us almost daily and may be becoming a little cranky because of it. Hopefully she can get into a more settled routine soon. She seems to enjoy the activities but the wear is starting to show. We will be leaving Tuesday or Wednesday for Bandera, TX, near San Antonio. We will spend two weeks there and, although we will see The Alamo, Boardwalk, some Missions and the Hill Country, we will try to lay low for a while, too. Low 70s today and partly sunny but another cold front coming in Tuesday. Besides rain and cooler weather, they are also calling for some "brisk" winds so we may stay until Wednesday when it will only be cooler and rainy.

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