Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We brought it home today!

Yesterday we took the new truck to the dealership with a list of things we wanted changed/repaired. The truck came with monster wheels and tires that we did not want and we wanted a slider 5th wheel hitch because this is a short bed truck and we would need the slider to back into many campground sites. There were also some very minor adjustments to be made. It was all done and more. They had thought that they had a slider in their warehouse but discovered that they didn't so they purchased one and installed it. They then discovered that they could not get the wheels off the truck and had to cut them off. We were advised that if we had a flat, we would not have been able to get the wheels off the truck. They then gave us new steel wheels and All Terrain tires. This was all done for us at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!! If you are ever in the Rio Grande Valley and are interested in a truck or car, we highly recommend Hacienda Ford in Edinburg, TX. Our salesman was Johnny Tellez and the Service Manager was Ed Ramon. They knocked themselves out to help us get a good deal and take care of our concerns. The only bad part of the day was Sunny's reaction to the dealership. We had taken her there several times before and there was a very loud public address system that frightened her. Also, there were many moving vehicles, some louder than others, and strange people. Today, we were in a loaner truck when we all went to the dealership. When we tried to take her from the truck, she was scared and shaking very badly and would not get out of the truck to get into our new one. I finally carried her out and she continued to shake. I then had to lift her into the new truck but, when she saw her blanket and mat on the wide back seat, she settled right down. We believe that she may have thought that she was being traded or taken to another track again. On the way back home, she was very content in the back seat all the way home and happy to see she was there. Supper was eaten and she immediately went to sleep. She has seen and apparently done so many terrifying things in her life and it will take a long time for her to finally realize, if ever, that that life if over and this one will go on. Until then, we will just love her!


Myrna said...

Congrats on the new truck and the great service that you got. Poor Sunny. I really feel for her. What a blessing that she has the two of you to love her back to security and peace. I hope we get to meet her someday.

Jim and Carol said...

Thanks, Myrna. This is our first trip to TX, but not our last. It would be nice to meet next year.