Friday, February 26, 2010

Brackettville, TX to Marathon, TX

Today was a beautiful day to travel as we drove from Fort Clark Springs RV Park, in Brackettville, to Marathon Motel and RV Park in, Marathon, TX. The wind was quite strong against us as we drove west into it and the drive was all uphill, as we climbed into the mountains. We have only had this truck for a few weeks and I am not sure how accurate the fuel gauge is. Those are my excuses for running out of fuel for the first time in my life, about five miles from our destination. A local farmer, Pancho, stopped and asked if we needed any help. He then drove into Marathon and brought back a container with five gallons of diesel for the truck. We just keep meeting great Texans. The ride itself was beautiful in many places and quite barren in many, also. Just west of Del Rio is a large body of water and Anistad National Recreation Area. This was the most water we have seen since leaving the Gulf of Mexico. Further along in Anistad, still on US-90, is the start of a beautiful mountain range. We slowly climbed throughout the entire journey. The Pecos River is a large, flowing body of water. Many of the rivers, streams and gullies we drove over and by were dry. Judge Roy Bean, "the only law west of the Pecos," served drinks in his saloon in what he called Langtry, TX. He was named a Justice of the Peace in the 1880s and served drinks and justice both from the saloon, named after his idol, Lilly Langtry. The entrance to Langtry looks like a ghost town. Guy's Store probably was busy at one time but, as you can see, not now! The actual building of the saloon/court/billiard parlor is still here and has been kept. We saw some palm trees in Langtry that looked like they had fur coats on. The high desert is like nothing I have ever seen. Tomorrow we will take a peek at Big Bend National Park. It contains a million acres and we will only be able to see a small part of it but, if we like what we see, we will camp next time in the Park and tour it properly. Sunshine was great today with the travel. The larger back seat helps. She is sound asleep on the couch now and must be dreaming because her feet are moving.

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