Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got truck fever!

Pete Timko stopped by today and showed us his new 2005 Ford diesel pickup. Great condition, tremendous price, the dealership is really trying to sell vehicles. OK, we can stop by but are not interested. Yeah, right! We saw the perfect truck for Carol and me and it is a crew cab so the back seat is a full bench - Sunny would be in heaven! It is a diesel that I have wanted for a looooong time, it looks great and the Ford dealership is really trying to sell vehicles. We got there late so didn't see as much of it as we wanted so they told us to take it home and return it tomorrow. We had things to do so we'll return tomorrow morning and talk with them. Since neither of us has won the lottery, I don't see how we could swing it but gotta listen to their best offer. Wonder what tomorrow will bring!


Ron and Thelma said...

Make sure you get extended warranty with that as that has the 6.0 engine. That is waht we have and theyhad some problems with that one. We have not had any with ours.

Jim and Carol said...

Thanks, Ron. We return in the morning to close and we will definately look into the extended warranty.