Friday, February 5, 2010

We're gonna get it!!!

Carol, Sunny and I returned to the Ford Dealership today and took a spin in the truck. Looked, handled and sounded great. Johnny T, our young salesman, after some give and take, made us an offer that Sunny could not refuse and how could I ever disappoint those big brown eyes? She really loved the full back seat in the crew cab. They will change our hitch for a slider hitch so that we can maneuver the Montana with the short bed of the truck without the front edge of the rig striking the rear of the truck cab when backing in on a sharp angle. The truck has all we wanted in a tow vehicle and more and Hocienda Ford in Edinburg, TX is trying hard to reduce inventory so the price was really acceptable to us. Tomorrow morning we return and close on the sale. Whodathunkit? Not us, for sure. This truck has something for all of us!

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