Monday, February 15, 2010

Bandera and Hill Country II

Today was sunny and about 60. Didn't have a lot of ambition so took advantage of retirement not making heavy demands on our time. We decided to just check out Bandera and surrounding countryside for a while. Downtown has a General Store, honky tonks, Cowboy Store and Busbee's Bar B Q. Who could possibly ask for anything more? We have heard about Texas BBQ for a long time so we are trying it wherever we can while here and today it was Busbee's time. The sauce, sliced beef and sausage were great and the pork ribs were not quite as good. A little to fatty for my taste but still had ample tender meat. So far, we have tried three BBQ joints. Rated by my preference they are 1. Smoky Moe's BBQ in Willis, 2. Kesee's BBQ in Medina and 3. Busbee's BBQ in Bandera. Busbee's is #3 but is still very good. We took our dinner to a park on the Medina River and enjoyed the scenery. Sunny even took me for a spirited walk. We saw some birds that don't remind me of any I have ever seen in Michigan. Also, we came on some buffalo waiting for us to photograph them. Saw some large racks on Caribou like animals. Every time we leave we wonder what we will be amazed and awed by. Usually we are not left wanting. The wildlife we saw today made the entire trip worth it.

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