Friday, April 30, 2010

Cindy B's Cafe

Last spring, we discovered this little, out of the way cafe that had the best pie we ever had in a restaurant. Today we returned and found out IT STILL DOES!!!! It is located in the "town" of Aliddin, WY, population 15. It is near Sundance, WY and Devil's Tower National Monument. The food is all homemade and we have never left hungry. The 110 year old Aliddin General Store is still next to Cindy B's. This also is worth the trip just to spend some time there. Last night, between rain and snow storms, we had a beautiful show out of our picture window - The sky and the mountains were beautiful! Today, we awoke to a couple of inches of wet snow sticking to the grass and melted on the roadways. The temperature "soared" to 38 so it melted quickly but flurries and rain fell off and on all day. The weather geniuses are talking four inches or so by tomorrow morning with winds. We are planning on leaving Sundance in the morning so we hope the roads have melted the snow by the time we are ready. We will be pointing to northeast Nebraska where we must be by Tuesday afternoon. IF the snow is melted from the roadways and IF the winds are not with the force they have been lately, we will be good to go. Looks like we will be home around May 15, give or take.

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