Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoover Dam

Yesterday, we drove to Hoover Dam, only about a half hour away. Beautiful drive there and back. We passed Lake Meade and it is fabulous. They are building a new road and bridge to pass over Hoover Dam so that should assist with traffic in the future. There are many ways to see this marvelous creation. One can take an elevator down into the dam or just drive across the top. We drove across the top and stopped for a while at the visitors center. Before we started this journey, we adopted Sunshine and knew that we would have to "go touristing" differently and this was one of those times. Pets are not welcome in many areas so we see what we can and sometimes one will go into an attraction and photograph it and the other will find something to do with Sunshine. We have not felt shorted by the way we have "touristed" on this trip and next year things will probably be different.

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