Friday, April 23, 2010

Provo, UT to Rawlins, WY

Remember how beautiful I said yesterday was? Well, today was as ugly as yesterday was beautiful! We could not even see the mountains that surrounded us in our campground this morning because of the rain, snow and mist. We started out in rain and by the time we got into Salt Lake City, it was mixing with snow. During the entire trip, it was alternately raining/snowing/windblowing/sun peeking through clouds. We stopped for fuel in Wyoming and the TA Travel Center parking lot was covered with a couple of inches of slush. A family of geese was going from truck to truck to pedestrian begging for food scraps (and doing quite well, too). The wind that was always there became quite strong as we neared Rawlins. We set up in the campground in the rain/snow mix and a heavy wind. Tonight, they are predicting the winds to continue tonight and an inch of accumulation of snow, ending in the morning. If the road is clear tomorrow, we will continue on to Casper to visit my son. If not clear, we will stay right here until it is. The advantage of having our "house" with us!


Ron and Thelma said...

Boy what a difference a day makes. That is some nasty stuff to travel in.

Jim and Carol said...

Today we have beautiful weather, sunny and cool. The road to Casper was dry but I-80 was closed just east of us at Elk Mountain from last night because of the snowfall.