Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moab to Provo, UT

We went from the rich reds of Moab to the majestic snowcapped mountains of Provo today. The weather went from bright sunshine to snowflakes to bright sunshine again. We watched it snowing high in the peaks as we traveled and encountered light flurries in other places. The rugged red salt mountains were traded for the truly regal, tall mountains with their snowy caps. We also saw Ranch Exit signs on this trip. When we first saw one, we thought that a rich rancher had an uncle in the Highway Department but then we was several more. Wonder how much it cost ranchers to have their own interstate exits? This trip repeated the theme of the last - around every curve and over every hill is a pleasant surprise. When we came to a blind curve surrounded by high canyon walls, we wondered aloud what we were going to see next. We are in a Good Sam Campground surrounded by tall, snowcapped peaks on three sides and mountain ridges not quite as tall on the fourth. There is not a bad view around here! We are heading for Casper, WY to see my son. Tomorrow we are slated to move to Rawlings, WY and then Saturday to Casper. The weather geniuses are predicting rain, snow and wind for the mountains tomorrow through Saturday. If that happens, we will take advantage of having our "house" with us and will "stay home," wherever we are at until the weather gets better. Last week in the 80s and now facing snow - we surely have had our contrasts on this trip. We will make a final decision tomorrow morning about when we will be leaving here. Then is will be a day to day or even less decision as we move into this section of the mountains that are having and expecting some heavy storms.

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