Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! What a day!

The day was beautiful as we started from Casa Grande toward our destination of Williams, AZ. We drove through Phoenix and I-17 took us under the flight path for the airport. Buncha planes flying today. As we were driving through Phoenix, we were called and wished a Happy Easter by our kids and grandkids. As we left the Phoenix valley area, we went directly into the mountains. They are so beautiful! The mountains are showing so much green that we have not seen up to this point. As we were climbing a mountain that signs warned vehicles to turn off ACs so as not to overheat, we heard a bang and felt something bang on the floor. We found a wide spot on the shoulder and pulled over. The tires were fine and there was no leakage of liquids that we could see. The transmission and engine temperature gauges were not showing hot so we started out again. This was a trick in itself because this is a long, steep mountain and traffic was getting heavier. As we pulled out into the travel lane, we discovered that it was staying in a super low gear and the turbo was not kicking in. We limped at 10-15 MPH along on the right shoulder and reached a rest area at the top in few miles. We called Good Sam and they sent out a tow truck. The tow truck towed our truck and Montana to a nearby campground and a State Trooper took Carol, Sunshine and me to the park. The trooper recommended a repair shop about 8 miles from the campground and we had them take the truck there. Our kids were together for Easter so, as soon as we set up in the campground, we tried to Skype with them and could not make a connection. Even with this, we are blessed because no one was hurt, Good Sam got the tow to us within an hour and they found us a really nice campground not for from the rest area. We did talk with some of our children and grandchildren and, with the Montana, we are home. We had hoped to make Williams today because starting this afternoon, winds are supposed to be 30-40 MPH with gusts to 60 and this is through Monday. We may stay another day even if the truck is fixed tomorrow because of the wind. Happy Easter, everyone! That is how we spent our day, how did you spend yours?


Ron and Thelma said...

Hope it is nothing serious. At least you are home. Hope you had a blessed Easter

Jim and Carol said...

We did, Ron. Thanks to both you and Thelma. It turned out fine, too!