Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hurricane to Moab, UT

Yesterday, we moved from Hurricane to Moab, UT. The trip took longer than we usually like to travel but the scenery, all the way, was marvelous. The parts of southern Utah we have seen may be the most beautiful of any large area we have been in. Just over every hill, just around every curve, we have been amazed and sometimes stunned at how different and beautiful it is. From high desert, to rugged rock formations, to snowcapped mountains, to rolling hills, to salt seeping up onto the surface - well, you get the picture. Poor Carol's "trigger finger" is too pooped to pop after taking all of the photos she did during this trip. We are now camped in Moab between a snowcapped range and a red rock range with steep cliffs. We see the red range out our picture window and the snowcaps out our side windows. I would have published this blog entry last night but, soon after getting set up and checking messages, we discovered that our friend, Glenn Adams, had succumbed to cancer at noon yesterday in Florida. He was a friend that we met in the Montana Owners Club and we had talked to monthly on the cell, until he no longer was able to communicate. We will miss him so much! The photos uploaded into the computer differently and I had to pick these from tiny pics so I hope that the right ones are here.

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