Friday, April 2, 2010

Day at the Dog Park

We have gotten into the habit of taking Sunshine to the Casa Grande Dog Park. It is located across the road from the campground and is an idea that we are just beginning to appreciate. We have been going daily and she really gets excited as we approach the park and she recognizes where we are going. She still does not know how to play but, through her interactions with the other dogs, she is slowly learning. In the last pic, she is showing the pack that she will only be caught if she wants it to be. She will run from and after the others but still does not chase a ball, frisbee or tossed objects. The first pic shows what she does best, love being loved by children. Gotta love her!


Garreth MacLeod said...

Looks like she is enjoying herself.

We have a park similar to that here in Ft. Wayne. Don't get our dogs out there very often but they like it when we do.

Our greys don't play much with balls or frisbees either. They seem to prefer stuffies to any thing else.

Oh, I'm Ron Standiford's son, by the way

Jim and Carol said...

Hi Garreth - Ron mentined you when we were thinking about adopting a grey. He confirmed that we would probably like the experience. We really have and are now thinking of adding one more for a companion for Sunshine. Yesterday at this park, a couple brought their 2 greys and Sunny had a ball. She really enjoys the company of other greyhounds. Have a great day - Jim