Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zion National Park

WOW!!! Every time we visit an attraction, such as a national park, we leave and say "That was the most beautiful yet," or some such remark. That surely is true after visiting Zion National Park in Southern Utah, today. I am spent, just from all the oohing and aahing that we did today. Unforgettable! We took the drive through the rocky canyon and found it to all that we heard it was and more! The drive through is only 12 miles but it took us several hours and over 300 photographs to traverse. Couldn't stop enough to get a better look and started rationing how many of the sights to photograph because, once again, we forgot the power cord to recharge the camera batteries. We started from our RV park, of course, and the view of the snowcapped mountain and the red bluff between us and the mountain were what greeted us from still inside the park. From there, it just continued getting better with each sight vying for attention over the one just prior. The vast cliffs and chasms, some with snow on them, once again took all of our descriptors away from us. There was a narrow, twisty, turny tunnel through one of the mountains that was build in 1930 so you know how narrow it is. What a trip! Gotta revitalize today and then tomorrow is a long, for us, travel day to Moab, UT, where we will see Arches National Park. They are talking about a storm coming in from the Pacific that should give us rain and winds mid-week. Hopefully, the winds will not hinder our travel through the Colorado mountains. I do not tow in high winds or snow. Oh, yes. Tell me if the last photo is The Titanic striking an ice flow?

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