Saturday, April 10, 2010

Williams to Bullhead City, AZ

Yesterday, we traveled from Williams to Bullhead City. As we were setting up to travel, we discovered problems with our motor in our landing gear. A RV tech advised us that it sounded like a gear was stripped. We had the assistance of a tow truck using jacks to lift the Montana onto the truck. Soon after leaving Williams, I-40 had about a five mile 6% downgrade and then the travel was relatively flat until nearing Bullhead City. Outside Bullhead was a sign saying "6% grade next 12 miles with traffic signal at the end." Sure enough, at the bottom of the 12 mile 6% grade was a traffic signal and it was located as we came out of a curve. We did not see it until we were relatively close. We descended from 7,000 feet in Williams to 540 feet in Bullhead City. In the last 12 miles, we descended 3,000 feet. Our ears took a beating and Sunshine whined whenever we descended. We believe that this whining was her way to clear her head of the pressure. As soon as we got set up at the park in Bullhead City, an RV tech came by and assisted us in getting the rig off of the truck. If he had not done that, we would have had no transportation without hauling our "home" with us. The tech discovered a gear box that was damaged. He returned today with a replacement gear box and, after installing, the rig still could not be raised. We were advised that he could not get the parts needed until Tuesday morning so we will stay here until then. That is one nice thing about having our "house" with us - wherever it is, we can be! All things happen for a reason and this may have been done so that all three of us can "chill" for a few days. Sunshine is really taking advantage of this "off" day - she has been snoozing most of the day. Tomorrow we may go to Oatman and see the old mining town that has the western gunfights in the streets and roaming wild burros. Today, we will go further than the grocery store.

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