Saturday, April 17, 2010

Las Vegas to Hurricane, UT

We left Sin City this morning and now are in Hurricane, NV. When we left Vegas we remarked, as we have daily, how blessed the residents of this area are to be able to see the beautiful mountains all around them, some snowcapped. On the northeast portion of Vegas, we drove through a portion of Nellis Air Force Base and were fortunate enough to see several jet fighters doing their thing over the desert. What a thrilling sight that was. The mountain views along this route were, once again, spectacular. Today we saw a lot of red rocks, Carol's favorite color of rocks to see on the mountains. Before we entered Utah on I-15, we drove through a portion of Northwest Arizona and the formations were almost beyond belief. There was a section of the Interstate that had steep up and down grades and the amount of rock that had to be blasted to make this highway was breathtaking. Our road following the twisting, turning Virgin River. In some places it was dry and in some it was flowing rapidly and muddy. Carol took over 200 photos during this trip and, since I was driving through these rugged mountains and could not see the sights, I was able to see what I missed tonight on the computer. Some of them almost look 3D! Dontcha just love digital cameras? When we got set up in the campground, we discovered a great perk, we have a view of a snowcapped mountain out our picture window. Tonight we went into Hurricane to grab a bite and hurt Sunshine's feelings, big time. We thought we had found a park where we would eat our sandwiches and it looked, to her, like a dog park. The fence did not go all around the park and people had their dogs out running and she just knew we were going to a dog park. Because there was not a complete fence, we had to leave and she whined for a while, before becoming too tired to care. We really have spoiled her with the dog parks in several cities we have been in and look forward to the next one almost as much as she does. She goes crazy when she sees dogs on the other side of chain link fences. We closed out our pictoral today with the sun setting into the mountains. Tomorrow we go to Zion National Park.

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