Thursday, April 15, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Last evening we drove to The Strip. The sun was just setting and the lights were coming on. We surely noticed the difference between the 1960s when Carol was here and the 1970s when I was here and now. Before, the casinos were back from the road and spaced wide apart. It was not condusive to walking between casinos. Las Vegas Blvd, The Strip, seemed wider then and the people were mostly inside. Now, the street seems narrower, the casinos come right to the road, there is no wasted space and there are pedestrians all over the place. The signs and lighting was bright and tremendous. Large vacant lots, where there was once construction, are still large lots with little construction. The economy has slapped Vegas hard! It is still a dreamland, though, and we will have to venture back tonight or tomorrow to look again. Today we leave for Hoover Dam. Sunshine is not sure just what to make of our tours around town but she has become a great traveler.

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