Saturday, April 24, 2010

Made it to Casper, WY

It sure was cold this morning when Sunshine woke me for our morning walk. We were surprised to see snow on our steps and a skin of ice on the rain puddles from last night's rain/snow storm. The sun was shining and soon it was above freezing and the snow and ice melted. I-80 was closed eastbound from Rawlins at Elk Mountain, where we were camping, because of snow from last nights storm. The semis were parked on the Interstate as far as the eye could see and the town of Rawlins was full of trucks, waiting for the highway to be reopened. We checked with the WY Highway Department and discovered that the highway between Rawlins and Casper was still open. We waited until about noon to leave to give the sun more of a chance to work and then left, arriving in Casper a couple of hours later. Soon after setting up, my son, who lives is Casper, came over. We will be visiting with him and leaving Wednesday to travel to SE Montana to see Little Big Horn. We missed seeing it when we came through last spring and, after seeing it this week, we can take it off our "next time" list. Whodathunkit? A week ago we were basking in the 80s. What happened? Global Cooling?

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