Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carol's old home and our campground area

Yesterday, we went into Tucson and located where Carol lived in the middle 1960s. She first lived in an apartment building and then a home. The view right around the corner from her home was beautiful, up into the mountains. We then located the Sears that she worked at then. The view from her parking lot at work was also breathtaking. Some of the Cacti in Tucson are flowering and becoming brilliant. Today, we walked in the desert just outside from our Montana. The raw beauty of the desert amazes me. I never would have guessed that the desert was not flat, sandy and boring. It is hilly, full of plant and animal life and the mountains are all around us. I remember the feeling that I first had when we approached Tombstone. Where is the flat, ugly desert. It was hilly, mountainous and full of life. Here, the desert has more different kinds and sizes of cacti than I ever knew existed. Tomorrow we probably will go to Kitt Peak, a mountain almost 7,000 feet in altitude that houses the Kitt National Observatory. Should be quite a view from there. We'll take our lunch and picnic along the way.