Monday, March 15, 2010

Sonny and Jim do The Sonora Desert!

Once a day, Sunshine and I take a walk into the Sonora Desert. We try to go early before it is too hot and before the rattlers come out into the sun to sun themselves. She starts out just curious with her ears down, then pricks up both ears so that her hearing is synchronized to work with her sense of smell. Once, when I was talking to her, she kept one ear up to listen ahead and lay the other one back to listen to me. The mountains all around us make for a beautiful background. The mountain in the distance is Kitt's Peak, the mountain we went to the observatory at the top to see the other day. The nearer mountain is Mt. Tucson, which is less than two miles across the desert from our RV. At the end of the trek, Sunny was hot, tired and thirsty. I wonder who made the cross and who it was for, hmmmmm!

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