Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Xavier Mission Del B

Yesterday we went south of Tuscon and visited the St Xavier Mission Del Bac, a beautiful mission that was first constructed in the 1700s and still holds masses and has a school for the neighboring Indian reservation. The history of this mission is captivating and it is awesome to see that it still stands. The beautiful wood work and scrolling is almost beyond description. The temperature was around 72 and the wind was blowing about 25 MPH, making the distant mountains quite hazy to the eye. The cross on the top of the hill is a beacon calling people from long distances. It still amazes us how Sunny captivates audiences wherever she goes. People entering and exiting the mission stopped to ask questions and pet her. A Mexican family with a young boy about 8 stopped and could not speak English. The boy motioned as if petting the dog and, when I said yes, he did not want to stop petting her. When they came out of the church, the boy grabbed his father's camera and looked at Sunny. When I said "Si," he took her photograph and went on his way smiling so large he was competing with the sun for brilliance. What a day!


Ron and Thelma said...

Jim Was there a coffin in the church. Looks like it would cost a pretty penny to rebuild that

Jim and Carol said...

If there was one, I missed it. I would believe that one could call this "priceless!" The painted ceilings, the handiwork on the wood, the total picture was irreplaceable.