Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saguaro National Forest

Yesterday, we saw rain that did not reach the ground and dust devils. Neither lasted very long but both are phenomenon that we see in this part of the country that we do not see elsewhere. Today we went to Saguaro National Forest, not for from our campground. This is the first time that I have ever been in a forest without trees, just tall Saguaro cacti surrounded by other types of cacti. Even had a jack rabbit scurry in front of us. Those bunnies are big! Not like our cottontails. The Saguaro cacti were throughout this area up rocky mountain sides and in valleys. We have been looking for the "perfect" Saguaro cactus for some time, now. The ones seen in pictures and old westerns have a torso and two even arms pointing up and most here have either multiple arms or no arms, just a torso. We finally found a couple, though. I just love the mountain views we see from the high desert valleys. It is almost impossible to estimate how far away the mountains are when looking across the desert.

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