Friday, March 5, 2010

Gammons Gulch

Our campground has a cactus garden that includes bleached steer skulls and also some very interesting cacti. We were very disappointed a short time back when we went to Brackettville, TX, hoping to see the movie set for the movie The Alamo and discovered that it is no longer open to the public. Today that was made up for in spades! On the way there, we saw some great mountain scenes. We also saw some of Carol's favorites, tumbleweed. This countryside is so raw and beautiful - high desert surrounded by mountains. We discovered Gammons Gulch on in Pomerene, AZ. This is in the middle of the high desert north of Benson. The owner has bought old buildings and artifacts and brought them here and constructed some more. Jay Gammons proudly leads tours of the facility and keeps the information coming in a very entertaining manner. He is in the process of building a new saloon that will be aged to look original. Some of the buildings are actually the originals. Many of the items in and aroundthe buildings actually came from Tombstone and other actual Wild West sites. There is a building that, with a cross on top, is a church and without it is a schoolhouse. Their website is . If you are ever in this part of the country, this is a don't miss attraction.

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