Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tombstone, AZ

Been seeing Tombstone in the movies and reading about it in books for years, now, and finally got to go there today! Wow! What a fun town this is. The mountains that we are surrounded by are beautiful and we never tire of looking at them. This beauty is on the way to Tombstone. The Tombstone Epitaph must have broken many great stories that have gone down in the lore of the west. The Emporium is just one of many establishments that are still around, alive and kicking (selling). The streets of Tombstone are closed to vehicular traffic and the only method of transportation, other than foot, is by stagecoach. The infamous OK Corral is here. The street has marshals and dance hall girls mixing with tourists and gunmen. Wonder if this guy is Black Bart? The two marshals were talking in the center of the street and were approached by several women. Startled, one of the marshals put his had on his revolver and spun around, only to warn the lady not to come up on him like that again or she may be shot. Big Nose Kate was Doc Holiday's girl friend and had a saloon across the street from the OK Corral. It still is in operation and we got a great lunch from there. It was so good that we could easily return! On the way back home, we stopped by a monastery and saw this beautiful garden. The real star of the day in Tombstone, though, was Sunny. many of the tourists and merchants wanted to pet her and ask questions about greyhounds. She was in her glory. She is already asking where we are going tomorrow!

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