Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St David to Tucson, AZ

Yesterday we moved from a nice RV park in St. David to a great park in Tucson. The day started out with rain and ended up beautiful. The park we are in now, Desert Trails RV Park, butts up to Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park. The park is filled with many forms of cactus and the mountains are beautiful. Our site is at the start of a foot path that leads to the parks. The distance is approximately one mile and the surface is filled with cacti. The second pix is from our of our kitchen window, the third is about 30 feet from our rig and the last two are from Tucson Mountain Park. This is another new, ah gosh experience for me. Carol lived here years ago but did not see the area from where we are now. After we set up, we took a nap and then went into the park and watched the sun set while we ate dinner. As each day begins, we ask what it has in store for us and, as usual, this was another great day!

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