Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny at Tucson Meet and Greet

Today was a great Sunshine day. First, we took her to a Tucson Petco where the Tucson Chapter of GAL, Greyhound Adoption League, was holding a Meet and Greet. These are set up throughout America so that the public can become more aware of Greyhound Adoption. Our local group GEM, Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan does this from Ann Arbor to Flint. Adoptable Greys are brought to a sponsoring pet supply store and the public gets to meet them and hopefully start the process of adoption. Here we see Sunny as she gets to know a bunch of new friends. These sessions with other greyhounds are really liked by her. She is a very calm dog when she leaves there and the glow has lasted several days. Soon, the other Greys loved her as much as we do and she now has her own posse in Tucson. The black hound wants to be a "lap dog!" Later in the day, we were able to talk with our daughter Richelle and her family using Skype and web cams. What a great way to keep in touch. We can now see our grandchildren more often and watch them grow. They can also see us and we all were much happier for using it. This is an inexpensive way to keep in touch in a closer, more personal way. Then we took Sunny to the dog park in our campground. Since she has never learned to play, she was somewhat awkward but soon was at least mingling with a wagging tail with other dogs from the campground. We will now take her here daily and hopefully she will start learning how to play with other dogs.

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