Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fairbanks, AZ, a Ghost Town

Sunny was embarrassed when she saw this photo with her and some of her toys (She is the one on the left.) The only way we could appease her was take a ride. Not far from Tombstone, we found Fairbank - once a thriving mining and railroad town and now a ghost town preserved by the US Bureau of Land Management. Tombstone was not connected to the railroad until 1903 so passengers into and out of Tombstone rode in a stagecoach to Fairbank to enter or exit the train. The community continued until the early 1940s. The last class in the schoolhouse was held about 1944 (the year before I started school). The school, a home, the mercantile building and stables remain somewhat intact but most of the rest is now gone. There was an outhouse remaining and it had the best seat in the house. There is a foundation near the mercantile building that once was for the railroad station. There is a storm coming this way to bring rain to the valleys and possible heavy snow in the mountains. The wind was howling and the clouds at the mountain tops were beautiful.

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