Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tucson to Casa Grande

Yesterday we left Desert Trails Campground in Tucson. We liked the park and area so much that it was really difficult to leave but the thought of what might be our next adventure got us leaving with a smile! We shot the cacti in the park because that was one of many great features of the park. Cacti gardens were throughout the park. Even had some of Carol's Christmas Tree cacti, really called Cholla (pronounced choya'). The barrel cactus even leaned to the south for us and has the yellow fruits growing on the top. The prickly pears are getting buds on the tops leading us to believe that they will be flowering soon. The highway through Tucson has tan crushed rock alongside the road with cacti planted in spots where one might think flowers and trees would be if he is from the north like we are. The art work on the walls is very good and interesting. As we headed north, we ran into more green - the trees and even farmers' fields. Contrasting the green with the mountains in the background is interesting, to say the least. Finally, we showed the sun just before sunset through our picture window in the campground in Casa Grande. We were on our way out the door so did not wait for the sunset but will get that soon, I'm sure.

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