Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tucson Mountain Park

We were doing some work around the Monty and saw that the clouds were starting to mass. Thought it would be a good idea to leave before storm came and see what we could see, while staying close by. We have seen more different kinds of cactus than either of us believed were in existence. The trip started out with mostly sun so we decided to tour the Tucson Mountain Park, which is just across a stretch of desert from our campground. The second pic shows what Carol refers to as her Christmas Tree Cactus. The branches seem to be decorated. Sometimes, there are tall, slim cacti and, when growing together, they look like a forest of cacti trunks, like tree boles. The clouds started coming and the wind, which is always present, started picking up. The clouds were starting to cover some of the mountain tops. It really started looking ominous after a short while so we started back toward home. The cloud formations over the mountain ranges look so beautiful but can be signs of very dangerous conditions. The rain came in earnest so we picked up some fast food and sat in a parking lot waiting for it to slow down. Sunny, of course, just slept through it all, not awaking until I started the diesel. Then she was ready to go!

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