Monday, March 22, 2010

Last day in Tucson

Yesterday was our last full day in Tucson. As we drove into town to do some shopping, we were reminded that there was an air show going on at the Air Force Base. We first saw the jet trails and went on to Camping World, where we had some shopping to do. From the CW parking lot, we saw the ending of the air show. Too bad we didn't go shopping earlier - some of the flights must have been spectacular, with the snowcapped mountains in the background. From there we visited with an old high school friend whom I have not seen since graduation in 1958, Larry Havenga. Larry has lived here for 25 years now and says he doesn't miss the snow and ice of Michigan. His home is at the base of the Tucson Mountains, a vast difference from "back home!" This visit was a nice capper for a great month in the Tucson area. This entire area has moved into our number one spot for favorite location so far. We both really like it. How can one go wrong with beautiful mountains, high desert, great metro area, excellent winter climate and friendly people? We definitely will return. Today we move on to Casa Grande, south of Phoenix, for two more weeks of mountains and high desert and great metro area. That is the area of Sheriff Joe, one of my Law Enforcement heroes! From there, we will be moving on up into the mountains and the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and who knows what else? (although I did see that the lows have been in the teens in the Grand Canyon - brrrrr!)

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