Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sierra Blanca, TX to Deming, NM to St David, AZ

Yesterday we traveled from Sierra Blanca, TX to Deming, NM. We camped under the Sierra Blanca, which is Spanish for White Mountain. Driving from Sierra Blanca to Deming was the first time in a long time we have driven any distance on an Interstate. We much prefer state and local roads for the sights to flying by on the Interstates. We love driving in areas with 50s and 60s temperatures and looking at the snow tipped mountains. The rest areas in these states are really special, the ones that are not closed anyway. They have roofs over picnic tables, Tepees, desert cacti planted in gardens, just a lot of different ways to show their state off. We have driven daily for the last three days now and are going to kick back tonight and tomorrow before seeing what the high deserts and mountains around here look like. We were going to be here for two weeks but now are leaving Monday and will be spending two weeks in the desert just west of Tucson. Sunny is traveling even better now than she has earlier in this trip. She is more comfortable in the rear of this new bigger truck. When we arrive at a new campground, she can't wait to get out and see what new sights, smells and new friends she can make. She enters the Montana as soon as the slides are out and immediately inspects it from front to rear, finally jumping on HER couch and waiting for us to finish our set up. Our position in the campground is in a dark area and there are not many lights in the entire area so I am really looking forward to seeing how many stars will be visible tonight in this thin, crisp, mountain air.

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