Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008 Berea, KY to Unadilla, GA

Today was a 450 mile trek. Tomorrow will be a saner trip - 165 miles. The day went from threatened tornado watches to beautiful sunshine. There are tornado warnings and severe storms and flooding west and north of us but hopefully it will miss us. We arrived at the Southern Trails RV Resort. We have stayed here it seems like at least six times, when traveling either north or south on I-75 past here. Traffic noise is a little loud because it is just off of 75 but it is clean and has very friendly people both working and camping here. There are many well spaced, old, large trees. Cable TV is provided. Bingo is tonight but we are both too tired to try it. Tomorrow morning is a free breakfast but, since we will be traveling such a short time, we will probably sleep in some and be too late for that. We missed the shot of the Georgia State Sign when we entered the state. So much to see that it is distracting sometimes.

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