Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 16, 2008 Clermont, FL

We stayed close to the park today, with the exception of a trip to Best Buy, which is like Toys-R-Us for me. These birds live around The Bees, probably on the property because we see them all over. The Sand Hill Cranes and the, I think they are called "Long Orange Billed White Birds", hang in this wetland pictured and on campers' yards in the park. Tomorrow, because we are staying a distance from Disney, we will make a test drive to there to time the trip during the morning rush hour. I was advised that, if I arrive late at all for the class Tuesday, I will not be admitted and must make another appointment. Then, on the way back, we will do some work for our Chrysler account. As you can see, life on the road is tough.

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