Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7, 2008 Wapakoneta, OH

We're finally on the road. We started out a little after 10:00AM and are now in Wapakoneta, OH, north of Dayton. It was raining lightly and windy when we left Grand Blanc and, as soon as we got to Toledo, OH, the sun greeted us and stayed around for the rest of the ride. The temp was in the low 60s and we were able to stop after a little under four hours travel and clean the RV antifreeze from the water pipes and now we have water, sewer and electric. This is the first time in the last about ten years that we have not had to travel as far as Berea, KY, just to get out of the freezing days. The nights still froze then so we did not get our water until our next stop, maybe in Georgia. Those first couple of days were long drives just to try to escape the freeze line. Not today. When conditions are good, we do not like to travel more than about 4 hours or 200 miles, whichever comes first in the day. That way, we do not have to wake up early and hit the road. We can act as tourists or just "veg." Tomorrow we will travel to probably Berea. This is called "Where Appalachia meets the Bluegrass." A small town with a small private Liberal Arts school, Berea College. As soon as we cross into Kentucky from Ohio by crossing the Ohio River on I-75, the land makes an immediate change. From flat and boring to mountains - bam! - just like that. Beautiful. We see many rolling hills with Kentucky horse farms on the west and mountains in front and to the east. Berea is right in the middle of all of this beauty. We did not travel much around Wapakoneta because the first day, even if it was short, is tiring. We finished packing the Montana this morning and then had to arrange it when we arrived, as well as flushing the water pipes, and the usual set-ups. Grandson Brandon called tonight and made our great day perfect. Just took a shower and are now watching the BCS Ohio State/LSU game on TV. I have had people tell me that this is not camping. We need to be out under the stars in the elements. I remind them that I did that for two years and 27 days in the U.S. Army and do not need to do it again. The photo depicts our crossing from Michigan into Ohio. Tomorrow, we will cross into Kentucky.

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