Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26, 2008 Clermont, FL

We discovered that we may have not done as much damage to the Monty as we first feared when we discovered a leak. Last night, Carol found water standing on the floor of the shower stall. This is an indication that the grey water tank has overflowed. Grey water is the water from the drains in the shower, bathroom sink and outside shower, not the kitchen sink or the toilet (which is the black water tank). The washer drains into the grey tank. I usually leave the valve for the grey tank open so that, when the washer drains, it goes directly into the sewer. Oops, I closed it the other day and forgot to reopen it. Now, it seems like we are OK again so "alls well that ends well," I guess. We are going to an Ice Cream Social tonight here at the campground. Should be fun. We have met many really nice people here, like we always seem to do at the various campgrounds, and look forward to eating ice cream with them tonight (of course we enjoy eating ice dream at any time). Went to WalMart today and got shoes to wear that have rubber no-slip soles for working at the restaurants, starting Monday. My red "Earning my ears" ribbon is all set to go on my name tag. I AM READY, GOOFY. HERE I COME!!! Are you ready for me? The weather here is crazy. It has rained today and there is a Fire Weather Watch for tomorrow. The ground is so sandy that the rain is absorbed rapidly. Tomorrow they are calling for sunny, very low humidity and 15 MPH winds - thus leading to the Fire Weather Watch we just got.
Edit: We just got back from the Ice Cream Social - Oh My Gosh! We played the fool and when they asked what we wanted, I said "Some of each" and THEY DID IT!!!

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