Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008 Disney Eve

Tomorrow starts my new adventure, working at Disney World. Tonight we went grocery shopping and are now set for the next few days. We canceled our reservations to return to Apopka, FL, the Sun Resort where we were last week, and extended a couple of more days here before we move to Mouse Mountain, much nearer to Disney. We will be there for the duration of our stay in Central Florida. I am to report to Disney University, in Lake Buena Vista, FL for orientation and will be introduced to my new job (whatever it is) from there. Half of the adventure is discovering what I am going to be doing for them. Carol will be in the Monty by herself until I return. It will be just like staying home, though, because this is our home while on the road. Sure beats motels. The temperature got down to 39 last night but today was sunny and 70. When we compare this to the single digits and snow back home we just are grateful that we don't have to shovel sunshine here. I'll try to report on tomorrow's adventure tomorrow evening. (Oops, I see I added the wrong photo to this message. Don't know how to delete it so forgive my repeating one from an earlier post)

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