Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008 Clermont to Disney to Apopka , FL

Started the day by driving to Disney University this morning in rush hour to see how long it would take. I was advised that, if I were one minute late, I would not be admitted to the class and would need to reschedule. That would set me back a couple of weeks and the visitors to Disney would also lose my presence. We then went to breakfast and then on to Apopka for some Chrysler work. We then came back home and I discovered that I still am not a very good satellite setter upper. Tomorrow we are heading to an RV show in Tampa so I will try the set up again probably Saturday. We also should probably try to set up where we will stay for the rest of the time we are down here. We are good until February 12 and probably OK after then but most places have been reserved for quite a while, now. Oh, well. Another part of the adventure.

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