Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18, 2008 Tampa, FL

Today we went to the biggest RV show that we have ever seen. It was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. This show was huge. We have never seen so many RVs in one place before. The entire fairgrounds and probably all of their buildings were full of RVs. The parking lot was very large and it took us forever to walk to the show after we found parking. The distances covered and the up and down steps into and out of the RVs were very hard on Carol's knees. As large as this show was, it did not seem real well organized. It was difficult locating specific sites and models. We could locate no one that was assigned to giving information about the show. They provided a book with a map of the show but it left much to be desired for us in our quest to locate the Montana exhibit. We did see some great new models and additions and alterations. We also met with some friends at a MOC "Mini Rally" at the Montana exhibit. This was not an official rally so we did not stay there long but it was nice seeing some of the people that we have met in the past and also met some great new (to us) people. One of our daughters is looking for a "toy hauler" fifth wheel so that they can camp and take their dirt bikes with them. We saw a beautiful Mountineer toy hauler by Montana that would probably really fit their needs (or wants). It was cloudy all day. It was either raining lightly or trying to. The temps did get into the mid 70s, though. Tomorrow we are going to try to find a campground that is located closer to Disney. Locating the campground is not the real challenge. The challenge is finding one that is not filled up for the winter by now. This duck was in one of the ponds on the fairgrounds. Looks like no duck we have ever seen in Michigan.

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