Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008 Berea, KY

We had a difficult time sleeping last night. Heavy rains and extremely high winds made for an uncomfortable night. About 1:30AM, we brought in the slides. The wind and rain were really rockin' and rollin' and the slide covers (awnings) were flapping loudly and sounding like they would tear soon. When we awoke, the sky was almost clear and the sun soon came up and beamed at us all the way to Berea, KY. We saw some beautiful horse farms near Lexington and remarked again that we are going to spend some time there sometime, hopefully soon. We are at a nice campground here that we stop at regularly on our way north or south through here. Dale, an old friend from grade and high school called from Orlando. We thought that we were going to be seeing him next week but I discovered (again) that sometimes I really confuse things. He is leaving Sunday so we will try to put in some long driving days and see him Saturday night before they leave for South Carolina. This trip is only just beginning and already we have had heavy rains, high winds and a new reminder that Jim Boylan really does get confused.

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