Monday, January 14, 2008

January 14, 2008 Disney World

Today I interviewed with and was hired by Disney to be a "Member of the Cast" at Disney World. All employees are called Cast Members and even the Human Resources department is called Casting. The clothing that we will wear is called Costumes and now I feel that I have made it to the movies, finally. I will be working at a restaurant at the Hollywood Studios, formerly called MGM Studios. It all begins next Tuesday. Since I will be a seasonal employee and not full time, I will not be able to be Goofy. (I knew that you would like that) I could have worked full time and been placed into the Wide World of Sports area and been kept busy because the Braves play their Spring Training games here. I was not looking for a full time job so I was told that I will work two or three days a week. Tomorrow we move from Apopka to Clermont, a distance of only about 25 miles, to The Bees RV Resort. We will be there for two weeks and then back here for two weeks. Tomorrow we will meet with a friend who does work for Chrysler and pick up an assignment from him to work while down here. Carol can come with me on that assignment. We both got so used to her traveling with me for work that this seemed like just the right thing to do so that we can work together again, just like the old days.

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