Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 15, 2008 Apopka, FL to Clermont, FL

This was a very short travel day. We went from Sun Resort in Apopka to The Bee's Resort in Clermont. It was about a 60 minute trip in heavy traffic at the start. When we get into the heavy traffic and get behind a snail-like Buick and can not see the driver's head - only a blue puff from the hairdo - I may say "Come on, you old f***." Carol will then remind me that I, too, am an old f*** now and I then relax and enjoy the trip. A very good friend, Dave, stopped by the Monty at The Bees and visited for a while. It was a very enjoyable time. Dave worked with Carol in Michigan when I first met her. I was a local police chief and Dave had a degree in Criminal Justice. He told her that he wanted to meet me. We met and soon I had hired him and he became like one of our sons. Anyway, it was fortunate for us that he happened to be on an assignment in the Orlando area while we were here.

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