Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009 Bye Bye Black Hills

Today was our last day in The Black Hills and we took one last cruise though Custer State Park. We had to say "Good Bye" to our friends the Bison, Burros, Pronghorns and whoever else was around. While in The Black Hills we came to love the area - the beautiful scenery, the plentiful wildlife, the great people - we love it all! We decided to go house hunting and found this little "fixer-upper" ranch that had everything that we wanted. The lilac bushes were the final great selling point! Once into the park we saw this Bison jumping and spinning around and around and finally running away. We can only opine that he was nailed by a snake or similar varmint and was jumping and spinning to dislodge it and then escaping. We first saw the baby Bisons two weeks ago when we first arrived and now they are growing up fine! The Pronghorns are everywhere! We first saw them in Wyoming and have seen them daily ever since. We will sure miss these mountain vistas. Did you ever see million ton Bison playing hide and seek before? Here they are! Here are a couple of these fabulous mountain rises and valleys. This mountain lake with the mountains behind it has caught our eyes every time we passed them. The clouds added even more beauty so we wanted to share them with you. As we drive between Custer and Hill City, we had to say "Bye" to Chief Crazy Horse, too! The mountains between our campground, Rushmore Shadows and Rapid City look like this, changing only with the clouds and lighting - fabulous! The layers of the mountains are shown in this last photo in the dying light of evening. To all of this, add the scent of the Ponderosa Pines and this entire area is totally addicting! We are hooked!!!

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