Monday, May 4, 2009

May 3, 2009 Henderson, NE

We drove the short (80+ miles) from Greenwood to Henderson, NE. The rain was threatening all the way. The clouds made it great to drive in. The land here is so flat and all agricultural that it all looks very similar. As soon as we pulled into the Prairie Oasis RV Park in Henderson, it began to rain. Of course this made for a really quick set-up as far as outside work went. When we arrived, we were the only RV in the park. Soon we were joined by several others. A nice part of traveling at this time of year in the north and Mid-West is that there is usually any number of spaces in a park when we arrive. Of course, we do not travel long or late so that helps, too. This is a perfect time and place to pay some bills.

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